Engineering and Software.

Welcome to the intersection of civil engineering and programming. I'm Víctor Sejas, a passionate about merging the analytical precision and logic of civil engineering with the innovative creativity of software development to provide solutions.

My goal is to transform and scale businesses and clients through effective and personalized technical solutions.

I currently work as Web Developer at

I also work as a freelance engineer and developer, you can contact me.

You can find me on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Github.

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Microsoft Latin America shared one of my videos on TikTok

@microsoftlatam Everything you need to know about Copilot is explained by @Victor Sejas in two minutes #copilot #M365 #chatgpt #artificialintelligence #AI ♬ original sound - Microsoft Latinoamérica

Creative Solutions at the Technological Vanguard

I help clients solve problems with (Technology) in their businesses.

Victor Sejas is a civil Engineer and programmer who combines his analytical and logical skills, from his engineering background and his creative ability as a developer to provide solutions in various ways, in a wide range of contexts, effectively and efficiently.

My approach is minimalist and agile.

I help my clients use and/or create tools that help them grow and stay in an increasingly complex and demanding world.

I believe in teamwork and technology as essential components of progress.

I believe that multidisciplinary and well-coordinated work are vital for the development of individuals and companies.

I also firmly believe in the integration of AI as an indispensable tool for this new era.

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